Best Wishes Dr Cheyne!

It is with mixed emotions that we celebrate with Christine the announcement of her retirement.

It is hard to say goodbye to Christine, but at the same time we would like to wish her well. Christine has dedicated the past 18 years to the patients of the Markham Veterinary Clinic, and has helped to put in place the very foundations that have made our healthcare focus such a success. We will miss her presence at the clinic, and her absolute dedication to her patients. We are counting on her to occasionally cancel some of her many plans and come visit us instead.

Christine, we wish you the very best from all of us, and thought it appropriate to leave you with one final quote…

“You were given three special gifts when you were born:
The gift of life, the gift of love, and the gift of laughter.
Retirement life is being able to share these gifts with the rest of
the world – and having the rest of the world play merrily with you.”

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