This is a story about Annie…

Annie is a nine-year-old, much loved, domestic short hair cat. She lives at home with her two cat friends, a bird, and a Labrador Retriever. Her owners adopted her from the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) many years ago, along with one of her kitty cat friends. But this is the story of how Annie went missing.

In October of 2009, when Annie was about six-years-old, her family was having a barbeque party in their backyard. The door was ajar, and there were lots of friends and relatives over, and it was a little noisy. The other two cats in the house went to find hiding places inside, and Annie’s family thought that she had found an inside hiding spot as well.

Later that night, when the party was over and everyone had gone home, the other two cats in the family came out but Annie was nowhere to be seen. Annie’s mom and dad went looking for her all over the neighborhood, calling her name, and hoping that she would come to them. What they didn’t know at the time was it would be 74 more days before Annie would be found. That night they called the OSPCA to report her as missing and they hoped that someone had found her and brought here there, but no one had.

Annie’s family spent the next 74 days looking for her, putting up posters, and going to the OSPCA every week to see if she had been found. Although there were a lot of cats there, none of them were Annie.

The family was beginning to give up hope of Annie’s safe return, when on the Thanksgiving weekend in October of 2009, they received a midnight call from the OSPCA. The representative told them that a cat had been found that matched her microchip number. Annie’s family was elated and relieved, and drove out to the facility in the middle of the night to see her. The representative forewarned them that she was in a very poor state and that she might not even make it through the night. He also told them that they were transferring her to the Veterinary Emergency Clinic (VEC) in Richmond Hill for immediate veterinary care.

When Annie’s owners arrived at the VEC, they almost could not tell that it was her because she was so thin and frail. Her fur coat was dusty, and she was emaciated. But, when she heard her owners’ voices calling her name, she lifted her head and her eyes lit up. It was then that her owners knew she would be okay.

Annie’s owners wanted to thank everyone involved in bringing her home to safety, so they called the OSPCA to see if they might be able to find out who brought her into them. It was then that they found out that it was their own neighbor! The OSPCA informed them that missing cats often stay in the vicinity of their home. Unfortunately these cats are often so frightened and disoriented, that they do not respond to calls from their owners, and rarely come home on their own.

Annie’s owners attribute her safe return to her microchip. Without the microchip, Annie would never have been returned to her loving family.

Today, Annie is safe. Her family describes her as happy, loving, attention seeking, and always ready to have a nap in the bed.

They will always be grateful that Annie had a microchip to bring her safely home, where she belongs.

If you would like to know how your pet can get a microchip, please contact the clinic and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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