While You’re Away

What does your pet need to ensure others can provide the best care on your behalf?

The following checklist may be helpful in your preparations before leaving your pet with relatives, friends, a pet-sitter, or in a lodging facility:

  • Vaccines – confirm that your pet is up-to-date & leave a copy of your pet’s current vaccine certificate for the caregiver (if your dog is going to be around other dogs, ensure he/she is also protected with bordetella vaccine to prevent kennel cough)
  • Medication – ensure there is more than enough to last until your return & the caregiver is completely comfortable administering medication to your pet and is available to give medication at the required time
  • Food – provide enough of your pet’s regular food and treats & clarify his/her normal feeding schedule to the caregiver (sudden changes to your pet’s food or feeding routine may cause him/her stress or gastrointestinal upset)
  • Emergency Contact – your pet may require urgent care while you’re away, so ensure the following is in place:

a) Determine the best way for the caregiver to reach you in case critical decisions need to be made, and/or discuss ahead of time your specific expectation in case of an emergency with your pet

b) Unless your pet is lodging at a veterinary clinic, it is a good idea to provide the caregiver with your pet’s regular clinic contact information, as well as emergency after-hours clinic information

  • Inform your Veterinary Clinic – if your pet is not lodging at his/her regular veterinary clinic, your pet’s healthcare team needs to know that you have granted permission for someone else to make decisions on your behalf (provide the clinic with the caregiver’s name, as well as your emergency contact while away)
  • Other Comfort Items – if your pet is attached to a specific item and he/she is lodging away from home, confirm with the caregiver that you can bring that favourite toy, blanket or bowl

Enjoy your time away. Please contact us if you require lodging services or stop by for a tour of our facility.

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