Why a Pet Appreciates an AAHA Accredited Hospital

  1. When I come in for my yearly visit, not only does my vet do a thorough physical exam (maybe a little too thorough sometimes!) and discuss any concerns my family has, but my vet also gives my family a written plan on how to help keep me healthy over my entire life!
  2. My doctor keeps my family (who are THE MOST IMPORTANT people in my life!) safe by having a written protocol that addresses what to do if I might be contagious and how to ensure I don’t accidently pass anything on to the people who love and care for me.
  3. When I need to see the doctor, I am comforted in knowing that my AAHA Accredited Hospital team meets every week to discuss the latest and greatest in veterinary medicine and how to provide service that works for my family as well.
  4. My vet has a book they write in if I don’t react well to my vaccines or medication. My doctor and medical team take it upon themselves to review every single reaction, to look for any trends in order to make sure ALL of their patients are getting the safest medicine possible!
  5. If I happen to hurt myself and need to take some pain medication, my AAHA Accredited Hospital always gives my parents a sheet with information about my new medication and how it will help me, as well as any potential side effects. They even show my family how to give the medication to me if my family is unsure. (Not sure if I like this – it makes it harder to trick them when it comes time for my treatment!!)
  6. When I need to go under anesthetic, my AAHA Hospital has a certified technician dedicated solely to monitoring me while I am asleep (and some pretty fancy monitoring equipment too I might add!). They obviously know how special I am to my family.
  7. If I do need to stay for surgery or a sleepover in the hospital, my doctor checks on me frequently to make sure that I am comfortable. The hospital team assesses and records all 11 of my “STATS” (still not sure what these are but they sound important!) in my medical record.
  8. During my “hospital stays”, they acknowledge at least twice a day how very important I am, when everyone in the clinic gathers together so they can discuss me! Admittedly, they must have other important pets because I do hear them mentioned as well!
  9. When my veterinary care becomes more complicated (I can be a complex individual!) my doctors will discuss my case with “specialists” (very smart people in their field I am told). If I need to go to a specialist, my doctor and medical team are very good at explaining to my family why I need special care and where I can get it.
  10. When I am nearing the end of my life, my hospital team is there for my family. They help my family to understand how I am feeling , and to support them as they make the very difficult but loving decision to let me go. I feel better knowing that my vet will not only take care of me, but will be there to help my family when I am gone.

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