POTM: Loki

We would like to introduce you to our friend Loki.

Loki is an 11 year old Burmese mix cat. He first started coming to Markham Veterinary Clinic 3.5 years ago. When he arrived here for his annual check up his owners main concern was his weight; he tilted the scales at a whopping 21.5 lbs. Cats who carry excess weight are at a higher risk for diabetes, heart disease and mobility issues. Much to Loki’s annoyance, we started him on a diet. Loki has been coming in with his brother every 6 weeks to monitor his weight loss. It has taken a lot of hard work and determination on both his and his owner’s behalf, and now, we are happy to say that Loki has been steadily losing weight. His owner is happy to report that he is now svelte. Loki is more active at home, and spends time admiring himself in the mirror! We are very proud of him and his owner as he has almost reached his ideal weight. Keep up the great work Loki.

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