Keep Your Cat Healthy By Visiting Your Markham Animal Hospital

Cats are wonderful companions and can provide peace and comfort to many people. We know that not everyone is a cat-lover, but if you are, make sure to keep your feline healthy by regularly visiting your Markham animal hospital. It’s been noted in the United States and Canada that cats visit the vet about half as often as dogs. We know you want your cat to live a long and happy life, so that’s why we offer feline friendly appointments at Markham Veterinary Clinic. We make sure your cat is comfortable the entire time they’re with us.

You may think that because your cat never goes outside, that it will remain healthier. While indoor cats don’t have the same risk of attracting parasites or diseases as outdoor cats do, they can still suffer from health problems such as obesity and diabetes mellitus. It’s imperative to have your cat examined annually for potential health risks. We understand that traveling to the vet in a carrier can be stressful and can change the usually peaceful demeanor of your cat. Giving your cat time to get used to its carrier before you load them in the car is a great way to reduce their anxiety.

Once you’re in our clinic for a feline friendly appointment, you’ll find that there are no dogs around. We intentionally schedule your cat’s appointment during those times so that they’re not afraid or stressed by any dog sights and smells. We prepare each examination room so you can go right in and allow your cat time to acclimate itself to the new environment. We want your feline to be relaxed and calm. The next time your cat needs to visit their Markham animal hospital, bring them to the friendly team at Markham Veterinary Clinic.

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