Changing Your Pet’s Diet Can Make All the Difference

If you’ve noticed that your pet is gaining weight, or has become more lethargic over the past few months, you are most likely concerned that something serious is going on. You’ve tried to cut back on their food or provided different kinds of treats, but nothing seems to be changing. As your Markham animal hospital, we want to help your pet live the best life it possibly can, and if obesity or lethargy are causing them to suffer, a change in diet could exactly what they need.

At Markham Veterinary Clinic, we see animals of all shapes and sizes. Each species and breed have “healthy weight” parameters, and while you can find certain information online, it’s best if a vet looks at your pet and recommends the proper dietary changes. If your pet isn’t getting the proper nutrients from their dry or wet food, we can suggest alterations to the type of food you’re feeding them, as well as their feeding schedule. A change in diet can make all the difference in pets dealing with kidney disease, diabetes, and other serious health conditions.

We know that some pet owners may be scared off by the words “specialized diet.” But overall, a new diet and new food can make your pet happier and healthier, and potentially prolong their life. If you would like to learn more about changing your pet’s diet, visit your Markham animal hospital today. Our team will help you with what steps to take in helping your pet lose weight, as well as find the nutrients they need to live a healthy life.

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