Your Elderly Pet Deserves the Best Care

Everybody knows that domestic animals age faster than humans, and even though you don’t want to see your pet get older and less active, the truth of the matter is that they’re going to slow down as they age. As your Markham veterinarians, we believe that every senior pet deserves the best care up to the point when they finally leave this world. If you have an elderly pet, bring them to Markham Veterinary Clinic and help them live a great life, even in their golden years.

When pets reach the age of seven and join our Silver Whiskers Club, it’s the best time to check for early signs of issues such as diabetes or cancer. If you’ve had them since they were a puppy or kitten, we hope that you took the time to provide proper nutrition and exercise, but we also understand that you may have adopted an older pet to avoid the training and adaptation associated with newborn animals. Our Silver Whiskers Club allows you access to cost-effective senior packages for your pet, and any member of our staff will gladly discuss those packages with you. By bringing in your elderly pet every six months for an examination, we can catch potentially life-threatening conditions before they become definite.

Remember, you are your pet’s provider and only voice for them. They can’t always just let you know that they’re feeling ill or nursing an injury, so to be certain that they receive the proper regular care, bring them to your Markham veterinarians today!

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