An Accurate Diagnosis Can be a Life Saver

As a human, when you’re sick, you want your doctor to provide you with a correct diagnosis so that you can start recovering through medication, rest, or a combination of the two. When it comes to your pets, diagnosis is just as important, and a proper diagnosis made in time can be a life saver for your animal. As your Markham vets, we strive to provide you with excellent care and diagnostics every time you bring your pet to Markham Veterinary Clinic.

If you’ve noticed that your cat is starting to drink lots and lots of water, it could be a sign that they are in the early stages of feline diabetes. It’s important that you bring your cat to us as soon as possible so that we can check their blood sugar and insulin production before the situation worsens. It may be necessary that you have to give your cat regular insulin injections and change their diet, but with a proper diagnosis at the early stage of diabetes, your pet can still live a long and healthy life.

We want to provide every patient and their owner with the care and respect that they deserve. If a situation or condition has us stumped, we will do everything we can to find the answer. We don’t want you to leave our clinic feeling more confused or frustrated than when you came in. When you need a team of Markham vets, you can trust us to provide excellent and timely care that will give your pet the best chance to live a long and happy life.

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