Our Lodging Keeps Your Pets Safe and Happy!

At Markham Veterinary Clinic, we know that pet owners can’t be at home all the time. People take vacations and can’t always take their pets with them. Leaving your pet at home is an option, and a neighbor or friend can look in on them and feed them, but there are still hours and hours when your animal is all by itself. As your Markham veterinarians, we never want to see a family come home to an injured or lost pet. That’s why we offer pet lodging for your animals, so that you can know that they’re safe and sound while you’re gone.

We have day camp, overnight lodging, and longer stay options, so no matter how long you’ll be gone, your pet will be taken care of by our nurturing and qualified staff. We’ll make sure that they get plenty of interaction with humans and other animals, and we’ll even update you on your pet’s status throughout their stay. Each pet has their own individual sleeping quarters that are cleaned and disinfected daily, and for our feline friends, their litter boxes are scooped immediately and changed every day.

You can also pick enhanced spa options for your pet while you’re gone, such as gourmet treats and skin and body treatments. Please keep in mind that your pets need to be up-to-date on their vaccinations, which we can supply before you book your stay with us. Dogs should have a Bordetella vaccine to protect against kennel cough, and we’ll need to know about all of your pet’s allergies, medications, and other special requirements. As Markham veterinarians we want to, above all, provide the best care that we can while your pet is with us.

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