Décor Tips for Hiding Litter Boxes

Kitties have many wonderful qualities that make them great pets and companions. They’re cute, cuddly, lovable, playful, and affectionate. Cleanliness is another one of Fluffy’s better traits. Your cat will carefully groom herself daily to keep that pretty fur soft and shiny. She’ll also discretely do her business in her own private litter box. While Kitty’s preference for litter boxes definitely makes things easier for cat owners, our feline friends’ lavatories don’t generally do much for one’s décor. In this article, a local Unionville, ON vet offers advice on hiding litter boxes.

Furniture For Cat Lovers

Many pet and furniture companies now make pieces that are specifically designed to hide litter boxes. You can get an end table built with convenient holes and doors that allow both you and Fluffy easy access. There are also litter boxes made in the shape of large plant pots, which can blend seamlessly into any room. These pieces may be more expensive than other options, but are often well worth the cost.

Wicker Baskets

A large wicker basket with one side cut out can make a great litter box holder. Just be sure not to leave any sharp pieces that could cut your cat.

Folding Screens

A folding screen is another option for hiding a litter box. Place it kitty-corner with the box behind it, leaving just enough room for Fluffy to get in and out. We recommend using a covered litter box to protect the screen from damage.

Storage Bins

A simple plastic storage bin with a hole in one side is another way to hide Fluffy’s bathroom. To make it more attractive, cover it with contact paper, paint it, add stencils or stickers, or drape a pretty fabric over it.

End Tables

Many end tables can be easily repurposed to hide litter boxes. If you choose one with doors, you may only need to a hole cut in one side. If you aren’t handy with tools, look for a local wood shop that can do it. Another option is to choose an end table with a simple, four-legged design. Place the litter box under it, and then conceal it with a draped fabric that matches your decor.

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