Tips for Managing Your Pet’s Shedding

Pets are wonderful companions. They’re lovable, cuddly, loyal, cute, and funny, and they certainly brighten up our days with their adorable faces and cute antics. While being covered in pet fur is a small price to pay for the unconditional love of a cherished animal, it definitely isn’t one of the better parts of being a pet parent. In this article, a Unionville, ON vet offers tips for managing your pet’s shedding.


Brushing your pet won’t reduce the amount of fur your pet sheds, but it will trap that dead hair and dander in the brush, so that less of it gets stuck to your clothing and furniture. Brush your furball daily during peak shedding times.


Proper nutrition will help your furry pal’s coat stay shiny and smooth, and can help reduce the amount of dead fur your pet sheds. Make sure your pet is eating a good, well-balanced diet. Certain supplements, such as fish oil and Omega-6 fatty acids, can also be beneficial to your pet’s fur. Ask your vet for specific dietary recommendations.


When it comes to cleaning up pet fur, the vacuum is definitely your friend. Regular vacuuming will help remove fur from your rug and furniture. If your four-legged buddy’s hair is stuck to your upholstery, try using a squeegee or dry sponge to remove it. You might be surprised at how well these things work! It also isn’t a bad idea to put throw rugs or furniture covers on, at least during peak shedding times. Last but not least, it isn’t a bad idea to keep a lint roller handy when your furbaby is shedding.

Other Factors

Pets that spend a lot of time outdoors sometimes shed more than indoor pets. This is because pets that go outside are more exposed to the seasonal weather cycles that trigger shedding. Keeping your furry friend inside as much as possible can help reduce shedding. Breed can also play a huge role when it comes to shedding. Some breeds shed heavily, while others barely shed at all. While one may think that pets with long fur shed more, it’s actually the type of fur that matters, not the length.

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