Adorably Quirky Ways Your Cat Shows Affection

Do you have a cat? If so, your furry little pal has most likely charmed the socks off you with her endearing mannerisms and amusing antics. Kitties certainly are full of fun quirks! One area in which these cute little furballs are particularly unique is in how they show affection. Some of your pet’s loving gestures may be very obvious, while others could be quite subtle. In this article from a Unionville, ON veterinarian, you’ll learn about some of the adorable and quirky ways our feline pals show affection.

Slow Blink

Have you ever noticed your cat looking at you and then blinking slowly? This is actually a sign of Fluffy’s love for you!


While obviously not all bites can be considered signs of affection, a light nip is your kitty’s way of affectionately playing with you. If Fluffy just barely touches you with her teeth, she’s showing her love!


Kneading may be one of the more painful signs of kitty affection, but it is, nonetheless, an indication of your cat’s love. Kittens knead their mamas while nursing, so in fact, kneading is a sign that Fluffy sees you as her human parent.


The most obvious and well-known sign of a kitty’s love is the purr. Some affectionate furballs start purring as soon as you pet them or pick them up. If your kitty starts her engine when you pay attention to her, you have an affectionate, loving pet!


In the animal world, head-butts are often a sign of aggression, but this is definitely not the case with our feline friends. If Fluffy head-bonks you, take it as a compliment and a sign that your furball loves you!

Napping Zone

It’s no secret that our feline friends love to nap. Fluffy will curl up in random spots in your house. Of course, if your kitty chooses to sleep beside you or in your lap, it’s a definite sign of feline love.

Exposed Belly

If Fluffy sometimes rolls onto her back and lets you pet her belly, take this as one of the highest forms of compliment your furball can give you. Kitties only expose those furry tummies when they feel safe and secure!

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