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Pet of the Month: Mietsy

December 14, 2011

Mietsy is a very special 17 year old kitty, a member of our “silver whiskers club”.

She has been a much loved patient of the practice since 1997! In recent years, after physical examination, blood testing and radiographs, Mietsy was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease and increased calcium levels in her blood stream. Her disease has been managed well with a mixture of prescription diets. One diet has increased fibre which acts to bind the extra calcium and prevent absorption while the other has lowered protein levels to reduce the work load on the kidneys. This year Mietsy has had to stay in hospital on intravenous fluids to improve her kidney health, and has since been on palliative care at home. Her care includes her special diets, medication to assist her appetite as well as supportive fluids administered under the skin by her loving family.

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