Our Team

Dr. Lily Loo
Owner, Veterinarian
Growing up in Montreal and Toronto, Dr. Lily Loo spent a lot of time with her first cat, Taffy. Taffy needed specialized dental care after only a year of age, and Dr. Loo was happy to oblige. She brushed her feline friend’s teeth every day, and even ended up taking Taffy to see a few dental experts. These early experiences in animal care sparked Dr. Loo’s interest in veterinary medicine, and her passion never wavered. Now, she’s a full-time veterinarian and the owner of Markham Veterinary Clinic!

Dr. Loo attended Ontario Veterinary College at the University of Guelph to receive her degree in veterinary medicine. She graduated in 1997, and joined the Markham Veterinary Clinic team shortly afterward. After working full-time here for nearly 17 years, Dr. Loo purchased the practice in December of 2014.

Medically, Dr. Loo is passionate about surgery and the way it challenges her mind. She’s also fond of interacting directly with pet owners during routine appointments, and loves developing personal relationships with her clients over the years. Last but not least, Dr. Loo enjoys going to work every day alongside her staff members—she truly feels that they are a part of her family.

Dr. Loo lives in Whitby with her husband Jason, their two daughters Emilie and Violet, and their son Sean. The family shares their lives with a cat named Mikey, who was adopted after Dr. Loo treated him for a urinary issue. The Loo Family's newest addition is Timber, a dog adopted from a local rescue.

When she isn’t spending time with her family or tending to the needs of pets here at the clinic, Dr. Loo enjoys attending fitness classes at her gym to stay in shape physically and mentally. In the summers, she enjoys going to barbeques with friends and camping in the great outdoors.
Dr. Beverly Wong
Locum Veterinarian
Dr. Beverly Wong spent a good deal of her childhood at the Toronto Zoo—she would stand out in the sun, rain, or snow just to watch the tigers sleep! As her passion for biology and physiology blossomed while she progressed through school, one thing became clear: a career in veterinary medicine was the perfect choice for Dr. Wong.

A Markham native, Dr. Wong started volunteering at local animal shelters while still in high school. She was hired as a receptionist and kennel staff member by a local veterinary clinic as she started her undergraduate studies at Queen’s University, and even spent a summer as an animal attendant for the African Lion Safari during this time. Dr. Wong was then accepted to Ontario Veterinary College to receive her veterinary degree.

After graduation, Dr. Wong completed a one-year rotating internship at an emergency and referral hospital in Toronto before moving to Kingston to practice there. She moved back to Markham in 2010 to be close to family, and was ecstatic to be offered a position here at the hospital. Dr. Wong holds a special interest in veterinary dentistry, and has completed continuing education courses on the subject. For her, nothing beats making a pet happy and healthy again with a good dental cleaning!

Dr. Wong lives with her husband and their young daughter, who is already showing a passion for dogs and cats that rivals her mother’s. When she has time away from work, Dr. Wong enjoys baking cakes and is especially proud of the cakes she made for her sister-in-law’s wedding and her daughter’s first birthday. She’s also fond of traveling and backpacking with her husband—highlights have included the Inca Trail in Peru hiking through the Andes Mountains in Argentina!
Dr. Sonya Firth
Associate Veterinarian
Dr. Sonya Firth cannot remember a time in her life when she didn’t want to become a veterinarian. She’s always had an affinity for the earth’s creatures, and caring for those in need simply made her happy. Dr. Firth is also fond of logical problem solving and has a keen interest in science—by working as a veterinarian, she’s able to combine her passion for biology and her adoration of animals in one fulfilling career!

Dr. Firth grew up in North York, Ontario as the middle of three children, and was constantly surrounded by wildlife thanks to the ravine located near her family’s home. As a teenager, she began working at a pet store and various animal clinics to gain invaluable experience—she would even ride along with large-animal veterinarians to learn as much as she could! Dr. Firth enrolled in the biological sciences program at the University of Guelph, then continued on to receive her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine there. She moved to the Markham area shortly after graduating in 1988, then joined the Markham Veterinary Clinic family in the spring of 1989.

Dr. Firth considers herself lucky to be a part of well-trained, knowledgeable, and compassionate team of pet-care professionals. She particularly enjoys performing surgery, seeing the positive progression of young puppies and kittens, and educating clients about the best possible care for their furry friends.

Dr. Firth and her husband of 27 years live in Markham and have three college-aged daughters. They share their home with two cats named Oliver and Jake; Jake gets very vocal when mealtime comes around, while Oliver prefers to hop up on a kitchen stool quietly and allow his “brother” to take care of business.

In her free time, Dr. Firth enjoys staying involved in her children’s sport and artistic activities, skiing and biking with her family, and traveling. The Firths have had many great family trips—they’ve toured through Costa Rica, been swimming with dolphins in the Mayan Riviera, and gone whale-watching in Quebec and Newfoundland!
Dr. Cathy Leung
Associate Veterinarian
Dr. Cathy Leung’s parents grew up without pets, and they weren’t always keen on the idea of getting animal companions for their children. After many years of persistent nagging, Dr. Leung and her sister finally wore their parents down! That’s when they brought home the first family dog, Winter. Dr. Leung’s life was forever changed—ever since, she’s wanted to help others’ pets lead happy, healthy lives.

Dr. Leung’s first introduction to the world of animal care came during high school, when she began shadowing her family’s local veterinarian. Next, she started volunteering at another nearby pet clinic, working her way through the ranks as a Veterinary Assistant, receptionist, and even a Veterinary Technician. Dr. Leung studied veterinary medicine in Guelph to become a licensed veterinarian, then returned to her hometown of Markham to begin her professional career. Now, she’s an Associate Veterinarian here at the hospital!

Dr. Leung has special interests in soft-tissue surgery and behaviour modification thanks to the lasting relief that these techniques provide for patients and their loving owners. Most of all, she loves to educate eager new pet parents and watch the relationship between pet and owner unfold over the years.

Aside from her interests in veterinary medicine, Dr. Leung enjoys traveling to experience all of the new cultures and cuisines that she can. She’s also an avid hiker, and tries to go on at least one hiking trip per year with her dog, Mero.
Dr. Irene Lui
Associate Veterinarian
Ever since she can remember, Dr. Irene Lui was interested in science and problem-solving. Like most veterinary professionals, she also adored animals of every shape and size. For her, putting her passion to good use by helping pets on a daily basis is a dream come true! Dr. Lui is a proud member of Markham Veterinary Clinic’s talented team of Associate Veterinarians.

Dr. Lui is a Markham native and was only in high school when she began volunteering at local animal clinics and shelters. (In fact, she spent time volunteering and shadowing vets right here at Markham Veterinary Clinic!) Dr. Lui continued on to study veterinary medicine at The University of Guelph’s Ontario Veterinary College, becoming a licensed veterinarian after graduation, then returned to her hometown to launch her career in private practice. It wasn’t long before she became a member of the Markham Veterinary Clinic family once again, and she’s been helping the area’s pets and animal parents ever since!

Around the hospital, Dr. Lui’s medical interests include dermatology, preventative care, and nutrition. She’s especially passionate about helping pet owners select a personalized diet for their beloved companion and seeing the way that can impact their quality of life.

When she’s not at work, Dr. Lui likes spending time outdoors, running, and traveling.
Dr. Patricia Khor
Locum Veterinarian
Dr. Patricia Khor developed her love for animals very early in life. As a little girl, she grew up helping out at her aunt’s pet store. For her high school co-op placement program, she chose to work in a veterinary clinic. It was then that she realized that she had found her calling; to use her passion for animals and love of medicine to better the lives of pets and their owners!

After high school, she attended the University of Guelph and was accepted into the Ontario Veterinary College, graduating with her veterinary degree in 2002. At graduation, she was recipient of the Beloved Friends Award for “demonstrating kindness and care in the treatment of animals in the medicine and surgery clinics.” To Dr. Khor, this isn’t just an award, but a core philosophy that she carries with her today.

Dr. Khor joined Markham Veterinary Clinic in 2008 to cover another doctor’s maternity leave. Since then, she has been an integral part of our team serving as a Locum Veterinarian. Dr. Khor strives to provide the best care for her patients. She does this by keeping current with the most recent advances in veterinary medicine as well as in patient comfort and pain management. She has a special fondness for surgery and dermatology. But nothing is more satisfying to her than the joyful experience of seeing a pet nursed back to health!

When not at work, Dr. Khor can be found ‘hard-at work’ with her 3 young kids!