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Pet of the Month: Tam Tam!

April 22, 2012

“Tam Tam” is a handsome 8 year-old black Labrador Retriever with a long history of chronic ear & skin infections.

His first ear infection started when he was a puppy and recurred every few months. These infections, along with occasional itchy paws and anal glands, are the classical signs of underlying allergies. Full blood work was done to rule-out possible metabolic or hormonal conditions that can sometimes make treatment challenging. Fortunately, “Tam Tam” blood profile did not show any abnormalities. Treatment for “Tam Tam” skin involved a dietary change and a daily medication to manage his allergies. Managing the allergies (his primary problem) has allowed “Tam Tam” to be free of secondary bacterial or yeast infections. “Tam Tam” diet was switched from a raw food diet to a novel protein dermatological diet. Prior to the change in diet, “Tam Tam” was overweight at 47.4kg, with a body condition score of 4/5. Following strict guidelines of amount to be fed, it took a healthy 7 months for “Tam Tam” to regain his waistline. He is now 36.2kg with a body condition score of 3/5. “Tam Tam” is welcome back at any time to put his “tail on the scale” to ensure that he stays at his target weight. Congratulations to “Tam Tam” and his family in achieving “Tam Tam” goals for a healthier coat & weight!

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