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Pet of the Month – Rosie!

August 7, 2013

“And the cat came back….”

“Rowena” Rex Thomas has been chosen as Markham Veterinary Clinic’s Pet of the Month in recognition of her recent, extraordinary adventure. Affectionately called “Rosie”, our current pet of the month is the owner of me, Dr. Karen Thomas, MVC’s head veterinarian. She is a tortoise- shell Selkirk rex so she has a lovely big head with a curly coat. Not only is Rosie a long- time member of our “silver whiskers club” having reached the grand old age of 17, she is under treatment for chronic renal failure and high blood pressure.

“Rosie” has the honour of being our current Pet of the Month for being the “cat who came back”. Recently, Rosie managed to get outdoors and get lost (at least to us). It is not known how she managed this feat. She has lived indoors all her life and has never been a kitty who bolted for the door whenever it opened. Rosie also moves very slowly when she is not perched on her favorite chair in the sun. In spite of an extensive neighborhood search and posters galore, she remained lost. We knew that shelters and vet hospitals would be able to identify her because of her microchip should she end up in any of these places. In addition, Rosie’s vaccines are updated yearly so we had no concerns in that department. However, with the recent heat wave and Rosie’s kidney disease, our despair over her welfare rose hourly. 48 hours went by without a sign when at 1:00 am one morning, she appeared on our doorstep acting as if nothing had happened. Other than picking up some burrs in her fur on her adventure, she was none the worse for wear

All of us at Markham Veterinary Clinic are overjoyed at her return and her ability to beat the odds. We all believe she went to check off some items on her “bucket list”!!! Welcome home, Rosie!

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