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Pet of the Month: Chester!

April 21, 2014

Introducing “Chester”, Markham Veterinary Clinic’s Pet of the Month for April!

Chester is a wonderful 18 year old Siamese who was lovingly adopted by his new family only just over a year ago. Chester was in general good health on his first “silver whiskers” examination here in February 2013 but blood work showed early kidney disease. It was recommended that Chester’s food be changed to a lower protein diet and he was also started on nutraceutical supplements to support proper kidney function.

Since then, Chester has flourished and his kidney disease has stabilized. He gained weight and has done very well until recently when Chester demonstrated a lot of pain when his owners touched his face. Another physical examination revealed several resorptive lesions (TR) in many teeth, a very painful condition which requires extraction of the affected teeth. The owners had concerns regarding Chester’s age, his kidney disease and the anesthetic but, with discussion, it was determined that the benefits to Chester’s quality of life outweighed the risks of the procedure. As there were several extractions required, Chester was referred to a board-certified veterinary dentist for optimal care.

We are happy to report that Chester’s procedure and anesthetic (9 teeth extracted!) went well with no complications and now, 1 month later, Chester is free of pain and continuing to enjoy life with his new family!

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