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Pet of the Month: HRH Rascal!

October 1, 2014

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

We would like to introduce ‘His Royal Highness, Prince Rascal’! HRH Rascal, to his friends, is a rare breed Munchkin cat, who is short on legs, but long on looks! This special breed was finally recognized in 1995 and has such short legs due to a genetic mutation. Luckily, they can still run and play like any other cat and as you might have guessed, HRH Prince Rascal manages to get into some mischief himself!

When it came time for his big day to have his neuter done, on pre-operative examination, he still had his upper canine (fang) baby teeth! These baby teeth usually fall out by 6 months to make room for the permanent, adult teeth. The retained teeth were causing crowding of the teeth, abnormal wear and can lead to early gum disease and an abnormal bite. His Royal Highness Prince Rascal got the royal treatment and during his neuter, had those pesky baby teeth surgically extracted. With a registered veterinary technician at his side, HRH Prince Rascal’s neuter and baby teeth extraction went without a hitch. With pain medication to smooth the ride, he recovered well and continues to demand the best from his “staff” or owners!

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