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Pet of the Month: Hunter!

January 21, 2016

At 12 years of age, Hunter is enjoying life once more with a clean bill of health! He joined his family as a kitten, rescued from a barn. Despite bouts of mischief over the years, he has always been a healthy and happy guy. That is until he started to lose weight last year. His appetite remained the same, but his observant family noticed he was slightly thinner over the course of several months – a subtle change that can be difficult to detect on a day to day basis. His weight was tracked as well with frequent weigh-in visits at the clinic, confirming the downward trend of his weight.

Hunter has had blood and urine profiles analyzed on an annual basis, so when his thyroid level started trending upwards in the past year, it was highly suspicious for a condition called hyperthyroidism. Further testing confirmed the disease, and Hunter’s owners didn’t hesitate to get him treated as soon as possible. He was treated with radioactive iodine by the VEC Toronto, a very effective cure for hyperthyroidism. Though the follow-up care was not easy on his family (they were allowed only limited contact with him even though he was back at home), it has only been a few months and he is back to his previous healthy weight and then some! He is affectionate again, loving life, and back to his normal mischievous self. The other good news is, he should never need treatment for hyperthyroidism again!


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