Pet of the Month: Molson

Meet Molson, our MVC pet of the month for the summer season. Molson is a 5 year old, chocolate Labrador Retriever. He is a large dog, but was no match for some small parasites, this past spring. In early April while out on a walk with his owners; in the Rouge Valley, across from the Toronto Zoo; Molson picked up some ticks. Actually seven were found on him!! Molson’s owner also found a tick on her clothes. After a blood screening test, Molson was found to be clear of any of the tick borne diseases including; Lyme, Ehrlichia or Anaplasma. Molson is now on a tick prevention medication. Public Health Ontario suggests when possible to avoid areas where ticks are found; including wooded/bushy areas, long grass and hiking trails. Molson will continue to be given tick prevention to help reduce chances of getting tick borne diseases for the rest of the year.