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Pet of the Month: Vanilla Crane

January 30, 2017

Vanilla is a beautiful 9 year old Cairn Terrier Mix. Markham Veterinary Clinic and Dr. Lily Loo had the pleasure of first meeting her in 2012. She is a great success story for weight loss!

Weight loss can be a constant struggle for a lot of pets, and people too. in 2012, she weighed 38.9 lbs., which is about 12 lbs. over her ideal weight. This is approximately 1/3 over her ideal body weight!

We placed her on a special weight loss diet which she loved. She came in every 1-3 months for a weigh-in and was losing weight consistently. She achieved 85% of her goal after 1 year on the prescription diet and achieved 100% of her ideal weight a year later! This may seem like a long time but she also struggles with joint pain and arthritis, so increasing exercise was not an option.

Along with successful weight loss, Vanilla is also our Pet of the Month! She had a dental cleaning in 2014 and needed 12 teeth extracted. She has had another dental cleaning this year and only 5 teeth needed to be extracted. Her owners are pleased to report her energy level has definitely increased after her weight loss and no more dental pain! We are happy to say her weight loss has helped her avoid diabetes and further joint pain. Both the weight loss and dentistries have successfully improved her quality of life. Vanilla is well on her way to a joyful life as a senior!

Written by Dr. Lily Loo


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