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It’s fundraising time again for The Farley Foundation!

October 3, 2018

Each year, the approach of Fall signals the start of our annual Farley Fundraising efforts and this year is no different.

Through the generous support of clients like you and our amazing community, we are able to help the Farley Foundation with much-needed support for Seniors and people on disability, care for their pets when they otherwise would not be able to do so. Fundraising dollars also go to assist “at risk” women with Farley’s “SafePet” program.

As many of you know, we have already collected an overwhelming number of photo submissions for inclusion in the 2019 Farley Calendar. After tabulating all the votes, the selections have been made, and we now have the Calendars on sale!

Because of some very generous donations we have received, we are able to provide additional opportunities for you to enjoy local events while simultaneously helping us to raise more funds for The Farley Foundation:

As always, we are proud that 100% of proceeds go to The Farley Foundation . Call 905-294-0522 or stop by today to learn how you can participate in these additional fundraising offers and pick up a Farley Calendar, they make great stocking stuffers!

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