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Pet of the Month: Shelly

October 17, 2018

Shelly was found on the streets of Collingwood this summer. She was a literal mess – in desperate need of grooming, she was malnourished, limping, suffering from diarrhea, and with a heart murmur and mouth of periodontal disease. She had obviously been loved at one time in her life, as her sweet lap-dog personality could attest to.

Luckily, Shelly was taken in by a compassionate local rescue and her immediate health concerns were addressed. She had her heart murmur assessed by a cardiologist, bloodwork to check for internal disease, and she was nursed back to health. She was spayed so that she can not develop a life-threatening uterine infection later in life, and of course she had a day at the spa!

In an even fortunate turn of events, Shelly was adopted by local Markham resident Janet. Janet has had dogs almost all her life, and Shelly was the perfect fit. Janet made sure immediately that her periodontal disease and pain was treated, and we found out the cause of her limping (which is also currently being managed). As well, Shelly’s blood profile changes from before are now all back to normal! Shelly lives in a beautiful condo with an 800 sq ft balcony for her to spend beautiful summer days lounging in the sunshine. She is Janet’s little shadow and really couldn’t have asked for a better forever home.
We are looking forward to helping Shelly live many more wonderful years with her new family!

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