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Pet of the Month – Milly

August 2, 2019
Milly is a loving, happy, fun girl. She loves her family, which includes big brother Charlie! The two of them spend countless summer days relaxing at the family’s cottage. Unfortunately for Milly, she also spent her summers constantly itchy, and she had an extremely stubborn ear infection that just wouldn’t get better. Although ear infections are caused secondarily by bacteria and yeast, there is usually a primary underlying cause – allergy. Dogs can be allergic to pollens, grasses, weeds, and common foods. If this was even 5 years ago, our treatment options for Milly would have been very limited. The availability of options to treat allergies included steroids (which has a lot of side effects), antihistamines (which don’t work very well), and a drug that suppresses the immune system. Thankfully, we now have some much more effective and safe options available to us, including an injection called Cytopoint. Cytopoint has become one of our most valuable tools for treating seasonal allergies in dogs. It has few to no reported side effects, it is ok for dogs of all ages and with any other ongoing medical conditions. It is given as a monthly injection, which allows Milly’s parents freedom from remembering to give her daily pills. Milly is definitely happy to be itch free all summer! By Dr. Beverly Wong

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