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Pet of the Month – Mia

February 19, 2020


Mia is a beautiful little 4 year old black kitty cat. She came into Markham Veterinary Clinic for a check up and we noticed an area of redness along her gums. We did bloodwork to ensure there were no concerns with her internal organs and then booked her dental cleaning and examination of her teeth with dental radiographs. Dental radiographs revealed a tooth resorptive lesion! Feline tooth resorption is a disease where the body breaks down and absorbs teeth structures. This process starts in the enamel and continues to affect all structures of the teeth. It is not known exactly what causes it but is usually a lifelong disease. This dental disease is very painful and treatment is extraction of the affected teeth. Mia ended up having 3 teeth extracted in total. She is doing great at home and enjoying her pain free mouth!


Dr. Lily Loo DVM


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