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70th anniversary Trivia Contest ANSWERS

September 20, 2021

We hope everyone enjoyed participating in our 70th anniversary Trivia Contest! Thank you to all who entered. Here are the answers! Tell us how much you know about us on our FB page!


1. What year was Markham Veterinary Clinic established? 

Answer: Markham Veterinary Clinic has been a member of this community since 1951.


2. Dr. Lily Loo has been working at MVC since _____ and became owner in ______. 

Answer: Dr. Loo joined Markham Veterinary Clinic in 1997 as an Associate and became the owner in 2014.


3. Does Markham Veterinary Clinic lodge pets? 

Answer: Yes! We would love to make your pet feel at home in our care during your next vacation or time away and help make you worry-free.


4. Which of the following are community outreach programs Markham Veterinary Clinic supports?

Answer: We regularly support the Farley Foundation, Adopt-A-Highway, Be A Tree, and Co-op!


5. How many staff have been working at Markham Veterinary Clinic for over 15 years?

Answer: We have 5 amazing staff members who have been with MVC for over 15 years!


6. When was the last time Markham Veterinary Clinic won the Reader’s Choice award and York Region Favourite of the Diamonds Honor?

Answer: 2020


7. Which of these services does MVC offer?

Answer: Lodging, Dentistry and Dental Radiographs, Grooming, and Surgery.


8. Markham Veterinary Clinic is a Cat-Friendly Gold Member. What does that mean?

Answer: Only cats are examined in the clinic, no dogs during his or her appointment time. We train and practice cat-friendly restraint techniques and use Feliway to reduce anxiety. Special treats are given during the appointment too! We are proud to be a Gold status Feline Friendly practice!


9. MVC has been AAHA Accredited since when?

Answer: We work very hard to exercise hundreds of protocols and standards that allow us to maintain our AAHA Accredited status and have done so since 2012!

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