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Markham Vet Clinic’s Pet of the Month, Archie

December 24, 2021

We met Archie soon after he was adopted from the humane society in 2019. His caring pet parents brought him to Markham Veterinary Clinic as a big, beautiful, orange fluffball with some missing patches of fur from matting. Archie was polite and well-behaved for his examination and we were happy to report to his new family that he was in perfect health aside from one concern we all shared – the unrestricted access to food from his previous living situation had made him a little too big.

Archie was 19 pounds of love, but he should have been closer to 13 pounds. These 6 pounds made all the difference. For Archie, it was preventing him from being able to groom himself effectively and causing issues with matted fur. As a young adult, we also worried about the increased likelihood of health issues associated with obesity including urinary issues, respiratory issues, arthritis, diabetes and so on. 

Archie’s owners were committed to getting him into shape, so a custom diet plan was formulated for him that day. Archie started on a prescription diet designed to help with weight loss by being lower in calories while helping ensure a feeling of fullness. It is always challenging for indoor kitties to lose weight because they lack the stimulation and activity of outdoor cats, but thanks to his family’s perseverance, slowly but surely the extra weight started to slip off.

 Two years later, Archie is in the healthiest shape of his life at just under 13 pounds. He is mobile, active and happy. The commitment of Archie and his family has paid off and will keep him healthy for years to come!

You can follow this beautiful boy’s journey over on Instagram @archiecatandrews

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