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Pets of the Month – Max and Meow Meow

February 17, 2022

We at Markham Veterinary Clinic had the pleasure to welcome and examine an 11 year old brother and sister pair of 2 beautiful Siamese cats, named “Max” and “Meow Meow”.  During a recent full exam that included a vaccine update, deworming medications that will help to protect this pair outdoors this summer, and a dental check, we discovered that both kitties had poor overall dental health, including bad breath. 

In tartar and gum health, we grade periodontal disease using a range between 1 and 4 with 1 requiring little to no intervention and 4 which typically requires extensive intervention. Unfortunately, both Max and Meow Meow had grade 4 periodontal disease. 

Dental cleaning, polishing, and extractions were recommended to treat Max and Meow Meow’s stage 4 disease.  Prior to treatment to ensure that both kitties could safely undergo anesthesia, we performed general blood work to assess internal organ health. 

 To obtain the entire “picture” of the extent of the periodontal disease, dental radiographs were performed which revealed a large majority of teeth with multiple resorptive lesions.  Resorptive lesions is a common disease of the teeth in cats.  It causes deep painful erosions on the surface of the teeth and can affect the roots as well.  The treatment is the extraction of the affected tooth and roots.

Cats have a total of 30 teeth.  Sweet Max needed 16 teeth extracted and Meow Meow needed 10 teeth extracted!  Now, we are proud to report that neither kitty is experiencing oral/dental pain and are doing very well at home!!  We are so happy we were able to treat the periodontal disease Max and Meow Meow had AND they both have nice breath! 

Thank you to Max and Meow Meow’s owners for trusting us with the care of this beautiful Siamese brother and sister pair by bringing them in and allowing us to perform their life-changing dental procedures at Markham Veterinary Clinic.


 Dr. Lily Loo DVM

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