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July 31 Is National Mutt Day

July 15, 2022

We’re coming up on National Mutt Day! On this special day, we celebrate all the great things about mixed breed dogs. Mutts or mixed dogs are adorable and loyal, and they have their own personality. Read on as the vet talks about National Mutt Day and why these kinds of dogs are the best dogs.

Healthy Dogs 

You may not know it, but mixed breed dogs are actually healthier than purebred dogs. It’s true: crossbreed dogs have a lower risk of health problems like hip dysplasia or heart disease than their purebred counterparts. In fact, mixed breed dogs are the best dogs, and here’s why: 

  • They are just as loyal as purebreds. As long as you treat them with love and respect, they will do anything for you.
  • They have no problem with allergies! Allergies are common in purebred dogs because they were bred to have certain traits like a curly coat or curled ears, but if you get a mutt, their coat won’t be curly or soft – it’ll just be whatever it is!. And their ears will probably have a normal shape too!
  • They are much more affordable than purebred ones! You can get an adorable dog for as little as $1 on National Mutt Day (or adopt an adult dog that has been waiting forever in animal shelters).


How Can I Celebrate National Mutt Day? 

There are many ways to celebrate National Mutt Day, but one of the best is to spend time with your dog. If you have free time at work or school, consider taking them to the park or hiking in the woods. If you’re busy with work or school and don’t have time to go outside, consider taking them for a walk around the block or just sitting in the yard and petting. 

Other ways people choose to observe this holiday include:

  • Make your own dog treats
  • Get involved with local relief organizations
  • Spend time volunteering at shelters
  • Buy gifts for other dog owners
  • Create artwork of how much you love your dog 
  • Writing letters


So we honor our canine friends who have been with us for years (even decades!). They are not only family members, they are also our best friends!


If you would like more information on how to get involved or would like to schedule a wellness checkup for your dog, call us, your local veterinarian, today.

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