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Pet of the Month – Amber

August 2, 2022

Meet Amber, a beautiful 17 year old female cat.  She came in for limping one day and was in pain.  We decided to treat her with a fairly new medication called Solensia. It is an injection medication (Monoclonal Antibody) that our team members can give under the skin monthly. It is to treat pain from Arthritis. It is different than other pain medication in that it doesn’t cause drowsiness and is not an Antiinflammatory that can’t be given to cats with liver or renal issues.  Solensia can be used long term and blocks the Nerve Growth Factor which is the source of pain from Arthritis.  The hassle and frustration of giving your cat daily medication is gone!

Owners of Amber have found a huge improvement. In the past, they would play with her but she wasn’t interested.  The next day after her first injection, her limping disappeared and she was walking better. Since her second injection she is like a younger cat. She has been actually running up the stairs and has even burst into a spontaneous run in the house like a young cat!  Owners have found her playing with her toys which she hasn’t done in years. She is a much happier cat. 

Needless to say, Amber’s family is very happy with the results. And the team at Markham Veterinary Clinic are even happier.

Dr. Lily Loo DVM

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