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Pet of the Month – Daisy

December 19, 2023

Daisy is a sweet and mild-mannered golden doodle who is living the life every dog dreams of. On weekdays she goes for long walks through the trails with her family, and every weekend she gets to go up to the cottage and run around (don’t ask her to swim though!).

She started having a little difficulty keeping up with this active lifestyle around age 9, when she would have some joint soreness and occasional limping from arthritis flare ups. While she bounced back quickly with anti-inflammatory medication, Daisy’s family and health care team sought a safer long-term alternative to maintain her comfort.

The answer came in the form of two injections: a weekly injection called Cartrophen, and a monthly injection called Librela. Cartrophen helps repair at the joint level while Librela provides relief from arthritic pain. They both have minimal side effects and are safe to use for many senior dogs. 

Daisy’s family noticed a big difference in her mobility shortly after starting these injections and they help maintain her comfort to this day (almost 1 year later). Hopefully they will allow her to continue patrolling her cottage domain with her new little sister Penny for many years to come. 

Daisy and her new little sister, Penny.

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