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Pet of the Month: Buddy!

March 3, 2013

Buddy has been a patient at Markham Veterinary Clinic since 1997 and in that time he has endeared himself into the hearts of everyone! His owners have entrusted Markham Veterinary Clinic with his health care for most of Buddy’s life.

Most recently, in November of 2012, Buddy suffered a fracture to some of the bones in his left front paw. Buddy’s owners diligently brought him in for bandage and splint changes, and after many weeks of rest, we are pleased to announce that he has made a full recovery! Buddy is foot-loose and splint-free once again! Buddy’s owners are so pleased that he is able to bounce around the house and go for his short walks in the yard.

In addition to his fracture, Buddy has also been struggling with multiple skin infections and breathing issues. With treatment of injectable antibiotics and an ongoing course of steroid anti-inflammatory medication, Buddy’s skin has never looked better and he is breathing comfortably.

Please join us in wishing Buddy a Happy upcoming 16th Birthday! All the best wishes from your friends at Markham Veterinary Clinic!

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