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Pet of the Month: Bear and Duncan!

April 7, 2013

Markham Veterinary Clinic would like to welcome Bear and Duncan to our clinic.

They are two welcome additions to their family and are unique because of their special breed. Maine Coons are one of the largest breeds of domestic cat. They have a long, tapering, and heavily furred tail, and a body that is solid and muscular. Maine Coons possess a rectangular body shape and are slow to physically mature; their full potential size is normally not reached until they are three to five years old, while other cats take about only one year. In 2010, the Guinness Book of World Records accepted a male purebred Maine Coon named “Stewie” as the “Longest Cat” measuring 48.5 inches from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail.

The Maine Coon is a longhaired, or medium-haired, cat. The coat is soft and silky, although texture may vary with coat color. The length is shorter on the head and shoulders, and longer on the stomach and flanks with some cats having a lion-like ruff around their neck. Minimal grooming is required for the breed, compared to other long-haired breeds, as their coat is mostly self-maintaining due to their undercoat.

Maine Coons are known as the “gentle giants of the cat world” and possess above-average intelligence, making them relatively easy to train. They are known for being loyal to their family and cautious around strangers, but are independent and not clingy. The Maine Coon is generally known for being a “lap cat” but their gentle disposition makes the breed relaxed around dogs, other cats, and children. They are playful throughout their lives, with males tending to be more clownish and females generally possessing more dignity, yet both are equally affectionate.

Markham Veterinary Clinic is pleased to be able to care for these two lovely Maine Coon cats, and we look forward to their long and healthy lives with our family and theirs.

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