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Pet of the Month: Chloe

May 8, 2013

As too many of us know, it is a difficult and sad time when we suffer the loss of a beloved pet. But, sometimes, when we are lucky, another pet enters our lives.

Markham Veterinary Clinic is pleased to help Chloe transition into her new home. She is a lovely, six year old, Siamese cat that has recently been adopted into her new family. At first, the change was a little scary for Chloe, and for a few days, she preferred to wait inside the closet to see what happened next. Very quickly, Chloe decided that her new home wasn’t scary at all, and in fact, she had a wonderful new family to get to know.

It has been several weeks, and Chloe and her new family have decided that everything will work out. Her family is getting to know all of Chloe’s delightful quirks and Chloe is getting a loving and kind home.

Adopting an adult pet can have its challenges, but the rewards of giving a pet a new home and a second chance can be its own reward.

Chloe’s friends at Markham Veterinary Clinic look forward to caring for her and keeping her healthy for her whole life, and we would like to congratulate her new owner for giving her a wonderful second start!

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