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Pet of the Month – Oreo!

October 1, 2013

Oreo is a 12 year old, female, domestic short hair. Markham Veterinary Clinic’s veterinary assistant, Sarah, owns her. Just recently, she switched her diet to the new Hill’s Prescription Metabolic diet. This food is specifically made to boost metabolism and aid in weight loss. It is meant to keep your pet full for longer. Oreo’s starting weight was 10.95kg. After only 4 months of dieting, she now weighs in at 9.75kg! That is a total loss of 1.2kg!

It is easy for a cat or dog to become overweight. Reasons such as letting them have access to food 24/7, offering them table scraps, and not receiving proper exercise. Oreo was lucky enough to have lived with grandma, an elderly woman who spoiled all living creatures. Being Italian, Oreo got the best of the best; spaghetti and meatballs, chicken, fish, the list can go on. Who could resist? A year is all it took to plump her up.

We all know how lazy cats can be. Oreo gets her exercise from chasing a laser pointer. In addition she loves her catnip! Catnip gives her the shot of energy that she needs. Not to mention, her brother who chases her around the house.

Oreo highly recommends this new diet to any overweight cat or dog. Not only does it make your pet look good, it allows them to live a much healthier, longer life! Hill’s studies show that 88% of cats and dogs who switch their diet to Metabolic successfully lose weight, if done correctly. All of us at Markham Veterinary Clinic are so proud of her determination to lose weight. Keep it up, Oreo!

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