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Pet of the Month – Hailey!

November 26, 2013

We celebrated our “Silver Whiskers” pets in November at Markham Veterinary Clinic. Our team has chosen one of our seniors to feature as our Pet of the Month. Meet Hailey! She is a lovely 14.5 year old Golden Retriever who has been part of our hospital family since she was a tiny puppy. We have enjoyed all of our visits with her and have loved watching her grow and mature with dignity.

In 2007, Hailey’s family noticed that she seemed sore in her front legs and was starting to be slower when getting up. A diagnosis was made of early degenerative joint disease (DJD) and arthritis which is unfortunately a common problem especially in large breed dogs. Several therapies exist to help with the reduced mobility caused by the pain of the joint disease. It is important not to accept the “slowing down” as a natural part of aging, as the reduced ability to play and jump significantly reduces a pet’s quality of life. After discussion with Hailey’s owners, it was decided to start her on a program of weight control as well as a series of naturopathic, monthly Cartrophen Vet injections. Cartrophen Vet has been shown to treat DJD in several different ways by stopping the destructive enzymes that break down cartilage while at the same time, stimulating the body’s production of cartilage and synovial fluid. It has also been shown to stimulate the production of anti-oxidants that block damaging free radicals within the joint.

Hailey responded very well to the monthly injections. Hailey’s owners must also be congratulated for their willingness and dedication to act in partnership with us to keep Hailey’s quality of life optimal. Over the years, additional medication has been added to her therapy to treat Hailey’s pain as the discomfort from her arthritis worsened, allowing Hailey’s excellent quality of life and movement to continue. This past year however, Hailey started to have mobility issues again. Her owners were again having a hard time helping her up. We suggested an amazing harness that helps to support her chest and her hips. The “Help ’em up Harness” with its special design and handle makes it much easier for her owners to help her up so she can enjoy her walks. It is a joy to know that Hailey can still enjoy playing in the leaves like the rest of us!

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