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Pet of the Month – Gibson!

December 14, 2013

When puppies come in for their health checks, the evaluation does not stop just at their physical health. Arguably of equal importance is their behavioural health, as this is the most impressionable time in a dog’s life and it is at this time that they learn which behaviours are acceptable and which are not. This is why behavioural training needs to start at such a young age, and we cannot stress enough the importance of socialization both with people and with other pets. Being a polite Canine Citizen is more important now than ever, especially with the population of dogs in our communities constantly increasing!

One of our outstanding Canine Citizens we would like to highlight is a dog named Gibson. He is not the average dog you would meet at the park. He is a 135 lb Shiloh Shepherd, one of our largest patients! Never has the importance of manners been more obvious than when you are confronted with such a large dog, and Gibson’s gentle demeanor means we look forward to every one of his visits! From a very young age his family invested a lot of time into his training and socialization, and the results shine through every day. When approached by even young children unfamiliar to him, he will lie down and calmly let them come up to pet him (with their parents’ permission)!

Gibson shines as an example of thorough training and socialization when it is most important – as a young puppy. We are so proud to show him off as our pet of the month for December!

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