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Pet of the Month: Oreo

September 30, 2017

I am happy to announce our Pet of the Month and Farley Pet this year is “Oreo” He is a handsome 13 year old, black cat. Faith is what brought him to their owners. His mother was a stray cat and gave birth to five kittens. They kept one which they named Oreo and gave up the others for adoption.

Oreo is a home cat and rarely goes outdoors, only in the summer time in the back yard. This past summer, he developed a deep infection in his left rear leg, which lead to a maggot infestation. He was also found to be diabetic which lowers his immune system and caused the deep infection. Thanks to all the wonderful Doctors- Dr. Leung, Dr. Firth and Dr. Loo at Markham Veterinary Clinic, he fully recovered after extensive surgery and medical therapy.

The Farley Foundation is a non profit organization that helps families who can’t afford medical treatment for their pet. Thanks to the Farley Foundation for their generous contribution in helping Oreo. He is now one happy cat!

Dr. Lily Loo, DVM

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