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Doctor For A Day Fundraiser for the Farley Foundation

November 17, 2017

Thanks to all who joined Dr. Loo and the amazing team at Markham Veterinary Clinic on Saturday, November 11 for our Doctor for a Day Program!

For a small $30 fee, children between the ages of 6 to 16 were given an in-depth tour of the clinic. All received some hands-on experience reading x-rays, using an Otoscope to check the ears of our resident feline, and viewing interesting microbes through a microscope.

Using a stuffed animal, the children safely learned how to draw blood and even “scrubbed in” to perform a mock, life-saving surgery! Visit the Markham Vet Clinic Facebook page to see photos from the event!

At the end of the day, all our wonderful participants were presented with certificates for their exceptional interest and focused participation in our Doctor for a Day event. They also went home with a goody bag that included kid-friendly stethoscopes!

All entry fees collected were donated directly to the Farley Foundation. Thanks again to all who participated!

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