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Markham Veterinary Clinic Named #1 by Readers’ Choice – 2 Years Running!

March 8, 2018

Once again, we at Markham Veterinary Clinic are thrilled to be recognized as Markham’s number one choice for veterinary care! We are truly humbled and honored by all who voted for us and we extend a very sincere “THANK YOU” to all of our clients for allowing us to serve you and your precious pets for yet another year!

More than just the services and care we provide, we also strive to participate in several community related events annually that help us give back to the residents of Markham. From food donations to our Farley calendar fundraisers; from our area Adopt-A-Highway participation to our Pet of the Month series; we enjoy giving back to the very community that has been so kind to us!

On behalf of the team of Markham Veterinary Clinic, Dr. Loo graciously extends her most heartfelt “Thanks”! Since 1951, we have learned to LOVE everything about the wonderful Markham community and plan to be here for you all for many more decades to come.

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