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Pets of the Month: Howard and Norman

May 30, 2018

Markham Veterinary Clinic is very proud to introduce Howard and Norman! They are two 8-year-old brothers that are Basset Hound and Beagle mixes.

They were originally in the pet rescue network in Ohio for 5 years and then moved to Welland SPCA and then to Peterborough SPCA. Luckily, Jennifer decided to adopt these 2 cuties and provide a forever home for them. A big thank you to her sister who saw them on the Peterborough SPCA website and these handsome boys stole their hearts!

Years ago, Jennifer and husband Gary adopted two abandoned kittens scrabbling in a ditch filling up with water in a summer rainstorm at the side of a cottage road- they had Brandy and Smokey for almost 20 years- thanks to Markham Veterinary Clinic staff and care. And there was something about them being a pair that spoke to them again! They had not had a pet again for many years after the cats had passed but now felt ready and had been looking for months through dog rescue organizations.

Howard was heartworm positive and treated in the U.S successfully and currently negative. Howard came in for diarrhea and was treated with medication and food successfully. They both had grade 3 periodontal disease which warrants dental scaling and cleaning to remove existing tartar and dental radiographs to assess roots.

Both pets had their dental scaling and polishing and Norman had 1 tooth extracted surgically. A local nerve block was placed and the gums were sutured with dissolvable suture. Both dogs are happy at home and on recommended food to reduce further tartar build up.

The two beauties are also on prevention for heartworm and tick diseases. Ticks can transmit several diseases in dogs and humans so, tick medication to kill ticks before they transmit disease is very important not only for pets but their owners too! We recommend tick and heartworm prevention till winter which luckily is not for a while.

It has been 3 months now and their lives together get better everyday as they come out of their shells and their confidence grows. Jennifer and Gary love them so much and they are great additions to their family!

Having dogs has taught them to embrace life’s imperfections, to be in the moment, that bad things can happen to animals but amazingly they have this capacity to trust and try again if you give them a chance and lots of love. Jennifer and Gary believe “we are getting rescued too in a way – it really opens your heart!”


Dr. Lily Loo DVM

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