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Pet of the Month: Miko

May 3, 2019

Our team at Markham Veterinary Clinic are so proud to be a part of “Miko” Chan’s family. “Miko” is a 4 year old Scottish Fold cat. Scottish folds are known for their distinguished folded ear flaps. He came to the clinic as a second opinion with really sore ears. At first examination, his ear folds and inside his ears were really inflamed and red and painful. We did ear cytology which is taking an ear swab and checking it under the microscope for signs of infection (yeast, bacteria, mites). “Miko” was found to have a yeast ear infection so, was placed on ear medication and cleaner and to come back in 2 weeks for a medical progress examination. On follow up examination his ear canals were better but his ear folds were not. He also started to get skin scabs on his tail, chin, and paws. The ear folds were still very inflamed and painful. We decided to do a skin biopsy to find out what is going on. We did bloodwork to ensure nothing else was going on and luckily there wasn’t. So, under general anesthetic, we did several skin biopsies of “Miko” ears and the samples were sent for histopathology. The results came back as a rare disease called “ Pemphigus Foliaceous”. It is a disease where the body’s own immune system attacks its own cells, in this case, Miko’s ears and skin. Treatment requires high doses of steroids called prednisolone and we are happy to say “Miko” is looking great! He is back to his old self, his skin and ears look great. He is busy playing with his 2 feline friends “Chloe” and “Moki”!


Dr. Lily Loo DVM


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