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We are saddened to share this news

September 6, 2020

It is with very heavy hearts that we announce the sudden, unexpected loss of our dear MVC & family member Sheila Wilson. Sheila Sheila and her family were clients of Markham Veterinary Clinic when Dr. Don Way was the owner and practicing from his house. Sheila then enhanced her role as a dedicated pet owner and became the most dedicated volunteer Markham Vet Clinic has ever had! Sheila came into the clinic every Monday evening for over 15 years helping out everyone on the team. It was her incredible dedication as a volunteer and her ability to make a sink shine that made Sheila the perfect candidate for a new hire here at the clinic when she found herself changing career paths in 2015. Not only did Sheila work as a Veterinary Assistant but she also worked many shifts at our front desk. She was a very compassionate and extremely hard worker. Sheila was always ready to bond with the Chocolate Lab owners and help prepare them for all of the fun to be expected! She loved to bake and could make anything in her garden turn into a delicious chocolate dessert! Sheila was a kind, thoughtful, generous and caring friend. She always took great care of our team, our patients and their families and will be so sadly missed by everyone here at MVC.

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