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COVID Statement Update

November 23, 2021

Over the last 2 years, pet ownership has grown exponentially, but the availability of Veterinary staff has not. There is a massive shortage of trained and qualified Veterinary talent which makes it difficult for Veterinary practices to keep up with the increased demand for Veterinary care.

Because of the shortages, there are many Veterinary clinics that have reduced their hours or have closed their doors entirely. General practice and referral clinics are booking weeks, even months in advance, due to increased case loads.  Emergency hospitals are unable to take on additional patients and are turning pets away to find care elsewhere. In addition, wait times are long
everywhere .

We kindly ask all our clients to please be
patient and understanding with our Veterinary team and the surrounding practices in our community. As Veterinary professionals, we have devoted ourselves to providing the best Veterinary care for you and your pets.  We only ask that the same respect and kindness we give be returned to us as well. We do this all because we care .

We at Markham Veterinary Clinic will continue to provide the same high-quality medical services for your pets you have come to know and trust.  While most appointments will remain curbside, there are exceptions we are making but still will only allow one pet parent/pet in the hospital at a time.  So if you have children with you or someone who cannot remain in the car alone,  you may wish to remain curbside or use one of our flexible appointment times.  Please note that we are operating by
appointment only .  We will always discuss your pet’s medical care options in detail over the phone to help you make an informed decision about the care your pet receives. Please make sure to be available on your fully charged mobile phone for your pet’s appointment.

Veterinary food and medication supplies are also experiencing difficulty keeping up with high demand. Prescription food and medication refills require Veterinary approval.  When these supplies need to be ordered in, they
can be on supplier back order with sometimes unknown ETA’s.  To avoid frustration over running out of these supplies at home, we highly recommend requesting food and medication refills well in advance (at least 1-2 weeks) as backorders and delivery times of supplies are beyond our control.

Please remember, we are doing the best we can in these challenging times, so please be kind, compassionate, and give us the patience, understanding, and respect that we need to continue to be here for you and your pets. 

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