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International Animal Rights Day

December 1, 2021

International Animal Rights Day is officially December 10th. On this day, animal rights advocates across the globe speak out for the fair treatment and respect that animals deserve. 

Surprisingly, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Day also falls on December 10th, and this is not a coincidence at all. In 1998, animal activists insisted that the UN General Assembly expand the Declaration to include animals on the grounds that all sentient creatures have the right to not die at the hands of humans or suffer pain. 

So if you advocate for animals, here is a little history about International Animal Rights Day along with how you can help stand up for our furry and not-so furry friends.

Uncaged, The Founders of International Human Rights Day

Animal Rights Day was first created in 1998 by an animal rights association known as Uncaged. Shining a spotlight on any and all forms of violence against animals was the overall goal of this organization. Members stated that since animals can’t vote, protest, or lobby on their own behalf, these responsibilities fall on humans to carry out. 

Headquartered in Sheffield, England, Uncaged purposely chose December 10th as International Animal Rights Day to coincide with Human Rights Day. Today, advocates continue to view animals as living creatures that deserve the same basic rights as humans. 


Animal rights advocates around the world celebrate December 10th by holding candlelight vigils. We do this to draw attention to the cause and also to encourage our families, friends, and communities to speak up for animals. The organization, PETA or the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, encourages individuals to not eat animals on this day and also to consider adopting a vegan lifestyle. 

What You Can Do to Help

Just about everybody understands that animals can feel pain, and many also believe that animals perceive feelings and feel emotions. In and of themselves, these abilities make animals deserving of basic rights. You can help support the cause by doing whatever you can to guard animal rights.

Here are a few ways you can help:

  • Refuse to support industries that use animals for entertainment and sport, such as circuses and horse racing
  • Try not to buy products that are developed using experimenting on animals
  • Teach your children to be kind to animals
  • Help other pet owners to think of animals as companions and not as property
  • Share this on social media

Want to know how you can do more for International Animal Rights Day? Contact us today! And have a happy holiday season!

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