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Pet of the Month: Samantha!

February 24, 2016

Samantha is a 7 year old beautiful Golden Retriever. She came in for an examination in December for not eating well. A comprehensive assessment was done and she was found to have a loose front tooth that was painful. She therefore needed dentistry and dental radiographs to examine her whole mouth. She also had some skin lumps that needed further investigation. We decided to book her dentistry and do fine needle aspirates of her lumps to ensure they were not cancerous. Bloodwork was done to ensure she was healthy for general anesthesia.

Her dental procedure enabled us to clean her teeth and further assess her mouth. Dental radiographs revealed 2 root abscesses of her large premolars in the back of her mouth! Due to the size of the three rooted teeth and length of anesthesia for her dental cleaning, the front tooth extraction (oral surgery) and fine needle aspirates of her skin lumps, we decided to extract her 3 rd tooth 4 weeks later to allow for a safer shorter anesthesia time. Her lumps turned out to be “fatty” lumps, thankfully.

We are happy to say she is back to being happy, eating well and Samantha’s mom said she even “bounced back better after the second anesthesia and extraction!”

Samantha is a perfect example of how dental radiographs and dental cleaning can help your pet live a pain free healthy life!

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